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Welcome to
Next Revolution
Strategic Opportunities on the Next Technology Revolution
Make your awesome business idea a reality with NextRev!
Over 12 years of experience working for international and domestic markets in software, Business Intelligence and IT infrastructure projects, leading teams creating mission critical applications from its conception to production and support.
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We build Business Strategy from Conception to Construction

We draw on in-depth industry-leading technical and IT-related knowledge from our global experience to deliver IT services focused on the design, implementation and analysis of the data.

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Our approach

Extensive experience dealing with different types of data sources, such as relational, columnar and memory databases, both on premise and in the cloud.
We design, develop and support Business Intelligence, Mobile and Internet of Things solutions.


We make sure that before massive amounts of time are invested on refining a solution, a direction is first agreed upon with the client.


Define the goals for the project, helping to focus on what the client or user intends to do with the software.


The development is following the state of the art technological perspectives and the most advanced technologies.


We test the solution from every perspective, including Performance testing, Functional testing and Usability testing.

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