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Miniature IoT sensor has five little superpowers

Miniature IoT sensor has five little superpowers

Wireless beacon firm Netclearance has announced an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor the size of a penny that comes with five embedded sensors.

Named the mBeaconSense sensor, it can measure acceleration, light, magnetic force, temperature, and vibration. The sensor also has a clock, an RFID tag, and a coin battery that lasts for several years.

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Netclearance says that the sensor can be used in all types of IoT systems, everything from wearables to city furniture. One use case includes being able to monitor houses built on or near fault lines, like in San Andreas.

“The launch of mBeaconSense addresses a gap in the market by offering a tiny IoT device that can be used alone or with our suite of gateway beacon devices to make it a fully internet capable device,” said Jonathan Duffy, executive director of EMEA at Netclearance.

Source: Miniature IoT sensor has five little superpowers

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