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what is Internet of Things?
Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of uniquely identifiable “things” that communicate without human interaction using IP connectivity.
In the past 5 hundred years, there occurred about five technology revolutions in succession, including two scientific revolutions and three technology revolutions.
At present, the sixth science and technology revolution is coming up to us.
IoT is a future-facing development of the internet wherein objects and systems are embedded with sensors and computing power, with the intention of being able to communicate with each other.
Although the original concept of IoT puts excessive emphasis on machine-to-machine communications, the real change underlying this is the diversification of people-to-people communications in an increasingly indirect way. Machines may eventually be able to communicate, but so far this phenomenon is neither universal nor covers all types of networks; even when machines can connect to each other, the fact is that they will remain as instruments of human communications.

We build IoT solutions from Conception to Construction

We focus on improving businesses at two levels:
►  Better efficiency/lower costs due to improved measurement and control
► New capabilities due to data aggregation and analytics

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The new Industry and Internet of Things create systems of systems

This is an example on how the Agriculture Industry will evolv.

IoT Industry

Innovation is Key!
We are re-designing and improving everyday objects to connect to Internet and provide information regarding their status.

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